Papa’s Freezeria

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Papa’s Freezeria

When the days get so hot, there's nothing better than a refreshing sundae or ice-cream. If you're first instinct is to sell exactly that to people, then Papa's Freezeria is the right game for you. As either Alberto or Penny, you open up a new outlet of the ever-expanding Papa franchise. Take orders from waiting customers, put them together as perfectly and quickly as you can, and get your tips! But don't be fooled, filling each cup with the right amount of cool ice, mixing it with flavor and adding toppings, is not as easy as it tastes! Papa's Freezeria is a game for people who are into a proper timed challenge. It's a free online game all about the sweetest of refreshments. Put on your apron, and get cracking! There's money to be earned, inventory to be improved and achievements to be unlocked. Have fun!


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